There are typically two times in your life that you need a plumber. You’re either in a remodel and need lines moved or altered, or possible new lines installed. The second situation is an emergency which needs help right this minute! No matter the reason, there are a few questions you will want to ask prior to hiring a plumbing service. Here is what Beastbay Plumbing believes are the three most important questions to ask a plumber before you give them the job!

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?


To many of  us, this may seem obvious, but it’s not always true for everyone! You assume your plumber is  licensed, insured and  bonded. ( plumbing/22-01-00-operation-and-maintenance-of-plumbing/hiring-a-plumber-why-a-license-and- bond-matter) Don’t leave it to chance. Ask them and make sure. Having a license ensures that your plumber adheres to all California plumbing code issues and performs work in full compliance with standard plumbing practices. Insurance provides you the peace of mind that if something happens during their work and they are at fault, you’re not left holding the bag. And finally, bonded plumbers are covered for poor workmanship, items taken by workers, or paying for damages if any of the work  is done illegally.


Are you Giving me a Quote or an Estimate?


Some may argue this, but we believe there is a difference between a quote and an estimate ( If you think about the last time you made a major purchase, did the salesperson give you an “estimate” or did they give you a price? They likely gave you a firm price. Your contractor should be able to do that as well. That doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a change in price. If you’ve ever watched home improvement shows on TV, you know that they’ll never know what lies inside the walls or in your crawl space until they’re in there.

But, if this occurs, it will be addressed, and you’ll need to approve that cost before moving forward. Get a “quote” for the project and the scope of work and get it in writing.

Can I see Your References and/or Reviews?


If you’re spending your hard-earned money to have major work done in your home or business, it’s smart to ask for references or read up on third party reviews. Not only will you know if this plumber has done this type of work before, you’ll get a feel for how their previous clients felt about the job. If you’re not able to speak to previous customers, there may be a chance that something is wrong, and you should be cautious moving ahead.


If you have plumbing work in the Oakland, Vallejo or Fairfield ( area, give Beastbay Plumbing a call. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions!


March 13, 2020


Ron Burris
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